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 Sophie St. Claire.

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Sophie St. Claire. Shailene-woodley-01
Sophia "Sophie" Helena St. Claire.
Sophia is of Greek Origin, meaning "Wisdom." Helena is also of Greek origin, meaning "Ray of Light."

Sophie is a female.
Sophie is 15, turning 16 on May 24.
Hair Color:
Sophie has straight, brown hair. It is darker at the tips, which are at her shoulders.
Eye Color:
Sophie has brown eyes that match her hair.
Skin Color:
Sophie is very tan.
Body Type:
Sophie is lean.
Sophie is on the short side, at 5 feet 4 inches.
God Parent:
Sophie's mother is Peitho- Goddess of persuasion.
Mortal Parent:
Sophie's father, Tristan St. Claire, is a lawyer.
Place of Origin:
Sophie originally lived in Greece.
Sophie has no pets.
Sophie always wins arguments, and she is relatively good at swimming.
Sophie is very unloyal. She is always getting into arguments, destroying friendships when she wins. She also feels as if she always must get revenge on the person she doesn't like..
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):
Sophie inherited no powers from her mother.
Life Before CHB:
Now, before you read this bio, you must know something. In your classic school story, the mean girl is always popular and not the main character, right? Sophie is that girl. Only she has a different style.

Sophie lived in Greece, where she had a mansion and a rich father. Her stepmother was super nice, and she had many friends, along with one best friend. That girl's name was Sandra. Anyways, Sophie had a good life, right?

Yeah, at first. She acted super nice at age seven, taking that new girl under her wing as her best friend. She made sure that Sandra had no other friends besides her. Then, in third grade, they had a fight. Over something stupid, no doubt. Soon, in was a school wide rivalry: either your were on Sandra's side, or Sophie's. After a year-long silence, the two made up.

Then Sophie's other best friend from a different school transferred into hers. She was bored anyways of Sandy, so she ignored her. Sandy undoubtedly thought her friend was just excited, gave her her friendship for three more months. Sophie successfully turned that poor girl into a third wheel.

Then Sophie got a new best friend, leaving Sandy in total loneliness. Sophie soon rose in popularity, treating each of her friends the way she dealt with Sandy.

Then it all dropped. Sophie was school wide number 1 enemy. She had hurt so many people by the time she was in eighth grade. Why, is the question?

Her home life. Her dad got divorced from her stepmother, remarrying that year. Her stepmother hated kids, and poor Sophie just didn't have a good role model. She didn't tell any one, but the news got out anyway. It was clear that her life in Greece had been ruined, all because of two people: Sandy and her father. She had made bad choices.

Now what did this poor girl do? She ran away to America at fifteen, going to camp. She didn't apologize to Sandy, or to any of her hurt ex friends. Now she's back at her old ways, hurting more people.

Notes About Character:
FC: Shailene Woodley

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Sophie St. Claire.
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