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 Sky!! (And possibly others)

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Sky!! (And possibly others) Empty
PostSubject: Sky!! (And possibly others)   Sky!! (And possibly others) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2012 7:43 am

Sky!! (And possibly others) 2q2py8g
Skyler "Sky" May Kennedy.
Skyler is of Dutch origin, meaning "Sheltered, Scholar." May means "Beautiful."
Skyler is Female.
Sky is 16, born on November 16.
Hair Color:
Sky has light blonde hair that is slightly wavy. It reaches a little bit past her shoulders.
Eye Color:
Sky has Sky Blue eyes.
Skin Color:
Sky has pale white skin.
Body Type:
Sky is skinny. In fact, she's almost anorexic looking.
Sky is only four feet, 11 inches tall.
God Parent:

Mortal Parent:

Place of Origin:




Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):

Life Before CHB:

Notes About Character:

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Sky!! (And possibly others)
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